Child dies in Rayma due to lack of rabies medication

RAYMA, A child died on Tuesday in Rayma province after he was bitten by a frantic dog three weeks ago due to the lack of medication in the province.
Khaleel Ibrahim Mahdi Ghorma, 11, from Bani Abu al-Dhaif village has died as a result of the delay in taking medicines and vaccine intended to treat rabies, a local source in the province explained.
“Because of the lack of medicine in Rayma province, the child Khaleel was transferred to Hodeidah province, then to Sanaa, but it was too late,” he said.
The source added that after this incident, the people chased and eliminated rabid the frantic dogs, amid the absence of the local authority’s role in the province.
The Ministry of Health had indicated in a report that the Saudi-led aggression coalition and its embargo against Yemen had caused the stumbling of the transportation of more than 362 items of drugs, and banned some medical materials necessary for the pharmaceutical industries and prevented their entry.

Source: Yemen News Agency