RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Spokesman for the coalition forces, in support of legitimacy in Yemen, Colonel Turki Al-Malki, said, the coalition forces have achieved military successes inside Yemen and supported the military operations of the Yemeni army there, against Al-Houthi militias, pointing to the killing of their leaders, which led to the low morale of Al-Houthi field leaders.

During the weekly press conference held at the headquarters of King Salman Air Force Base in Riyadh, in the presence of a number of military commanders in the coalition forces, he said, the coalition forces are dealing with legitimate military targets and have the initiative to implement this, pointing to the accuracy of military operations and the observance of international standards, in military targeting operations, explaining that, the coalition forces continue to support humanitarian work and grant the necessary permits to relief agencies.

Colonel Al-Malki further said, possession of qualitative weapons by Al-Houthi terrorists poses a threat to international, regional and Yemeni security, stressing that, the international community has a responsibility for the arrival and smuggling of such weapons to Al-Houthi terrorist group.

The official spokesman also said, the forces carried out monitoring operations and targeting of militia leaders inside Yemen, and received contacts from Yemeni territory on information on Al-Houthi leaders and their movements and we are dealing with them.

He stressed that the humanitarian work is ongoing around the clock, through the coalition forces themselves or through the permits being granted by relief agencies, stressing the Coalition's commitment to provide all the assistance necessary to the Yemeni people in any way, commending military operations inside Yemen through the Yemeni army and the resistance forces, contributing to fully clearing Shabwa governorate with the support of coalition forces to provide air cover.

On Al-Houthi losses, the Colonel said, the coalition forces have recently received a large number of contacts from within Yemen, to provide information on the movements of Al-Houthi militia leaders among civilians, and that the coalition forces are providing support of intelligence operations in this regard, stressing that, they have a lot of information on a number of Al-Houthi militia leaders and their movements with which we are still dealing.

In a warning to the militia, Al-Malki said, they have only two options: peace or war, and as for peace, it means that Al-Houthi militia must hand over power to legitimacy, and commit to international laws and decisions taken in favour of Yemen, while the option for war, which is the second option, that is about to be ended.