WASHINGTON, Coalition and US strikes continue to "aid progress" against the so-called Daesh in Syria and Iraq, as well as, against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in Yemen, the Pentagon said.

Pentagon spokesman, Jeff Davis, noted that, "today is day 65 of the operation to liberate western Mosul in Iraq," adding that, the Counter-terrorism Service "also gained new ground, and the Iraqi army's 9th Division, continued to defend positions west of Mosul. Clearing operations continue in eastern Mosul."

As for Yemen, Davis noted that, US forces "conducted a strike on Apr 18, in the Ma'rib governorate, against three al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula terrorists, and another strike on Sunday, in the Shabwa governorate, against eight al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula terrorists.

"Since Feb 28, we've conducted more than 80 precision strikes against AQAP militants, infrastructure, fighting positions and equipment, and we'll continue to conduct operations, including strikes, against known terrorists," he added.

He affirmed that US forces are conducting "a series of sustained operations in Yemen, against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, to degrade the group's ability to coordinate external terror attack operations, and limit their ability to hold territory, seized from the legitimate government of Yemen, and use it as a safe haven for terror plotting".


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