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SANAA: The Coffee Tree Initiative was launched in Sana'a on Saturday as a Yemeni symbol to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the naming of 17 civil society organizations to raise awareness of the development goals deep along the Yemeni frankincense and incense road along the Belt and Road Initiative.

At the event organized by the Friends of BRICS Group for Rights and Development, the Member of the Supreme Political Council, President al Fakhri of the Friends of BRICS Sultan Al Samea'i, noted the importance of the initiative in achieving sustainable development and the advancement of the economic sector.

He considered the Yemeni coffee tree initiative, one of the images of resilience and the fruit of victories on the economic side. Reviewing what the group has achieved since its inception, especially in the oil, gas and minerals aspects.

Al Samea'i noted the specific coordination between the Ministry of Oil and the BRICS countries in National Vision 2030, as well as the presence of The BRICS in the National Plan 2020 in the ministry of foreign affairs axis.

The designation of civil society organizations to represent the Sustainable Development Goals confirms the continuation of construction and development based on the 2020 National Vision Interim Plan, he said.

"The Yemeni people are now more strong, cohesive and steadfast in the face of aggression by the cohesion of their people and their progress in building the modern Yemeni state and moving the economy," he said. He pointed out that the launch of the coffee tree initiative is a positive step towards strengthening the role of the national economy in the development process.

Arif al Ameri, president of the Friends of BRICS Group for Rights and Development, said the launch of the Coffee Tree Initiative and the naming of 17 civil society organizations reflects the conviction of the keys to sustainable development.

"The war and conspiracy of the aggression coalition and its mercenaries confirms that the people of Yemen are continuing to rely on themselves, build the Yemeni state and strengthen the national economy," he said.

Fouad Al Ghafari, representative of the Global Bloc for Strategic Projects, said the initiative is in response to the aspirations to promote sustainable development with Yemeni privacy.

Dr. Sabah Amir Al Din, Executive Director of The Family Foundation for Human Rights and Development, spoke about the role of Yemeni women in founding the Friends of BRICS group and leading civil society organizations to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

She noted the role of Yemeni women and their steadfastness alongside their male brother in the battle to defend the homeland, security and stability, and to build a modern Yemeni state.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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