Criminals’ Emirati spread in Socotra

SANA’A, Since the start of the American aggression against the Yemeni people and the state of the Emirates, it has taken a different criminal approach to what was announced among the goals of the aggression and the so-called coalition of aggression against the Yemeni people.
The ugliness of the Emirates appeared more than others from the Baran (UAE) aggression, as it crossed the red lines and appeared its true face that deceived the mercenaries and local tools that it is with Saudi Arabia and the alliance of evil.
After that, the lies of al-Baran appeared on their tools, the facts were revealed, and the objectives of the aggression against the Yemeni people became clear, which the liberals were aware of since the first air raid on Yemen.
So goals are the division, occupation, control, forming militias and establishing prisons.
The occupied governorates entered a dark stand by condoning the acts of kidnappings, rape, immoral crimes, storming of homes, liquidations, and igniting wars between tools, whether Aden, Awabin, Taiz, and others.
The UAE was not satisfied with that, but the situation reached in it attempts to change the identity of the island of Socotra, naturalization and the formation of leaderships, camps and military bases in the service of the Zionist enemy and falsification of history and shading that (Socotra is of Emirati origin(.
Emirati criminals have reached the spread of drugs and hashish in exchange for projects painting schools and hospitals and holding engraving competitions Henna, armpit hair pulling, and other trifles, as if Aden had reached the luxury of Dubai.
But this thief is uprooting old trees and transporting them through trailers with their mud, and this is what has not happened in the history of the sanctity and thieves throughout history.
It is noteworthy that the Emirati thief has made use of his efforts and capabilities to steal the wealth of the Yemeni people in terms of oil, gas, and fish, disrupting the capabilities of the ports of Aden, Al-Mokha, Mukalla, Balhaf, and others.

Source: Yemen News Agency