September 19, 2021

Derbas: Some ministers intend not to attend cabinet sessions if budget not endorsed

Social Affairs Minister Rashid Derbas revealed on Tuesday to "Voice of Lebanon" radio that some ministers seriously intend to boycott the cabinet sessions if the budget is not endorsed, pointing out that such a step would cause a lack of quorum and would cause a negative pressure in order to reach a positive result-- endorsing the budget.

Derbas refused to "mention the names of the concerned ministers," saying that those ministers "have been on the bench from the very beginning of the cabinet's work and now they intend to take the initiative if positive steps have not been taken."

Derbas explained that some pages were removed from the Finance minister's report over the financial situation which the ministers were briefed on, saying the financial situation demands taking quick measures to avoid collapse.

Commenting on the presidential file, the minister said that nothing positive would take place over this file except after alternative steps are announced in Kuwait, adding " if a settlement in Kuwait regarding the Yemen issue has been accomplished, this would mean that Iran and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have reached a compromise and that would reflect positively on Lebanon," as for finding a solution to end presidential vacuum.

Source: National News Agency

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