September 19, 2021

Discovery of Koranic parchments and scraps written in Hebrew language in Sana’a grand mosque

FNA 10.1.13 a team for Sana’a grand mosque repair and maintenance found a large number of ancient Islamic monuments on the grand mosque’s roof. They also found parchments written in Hebrew language as well as a great number of Koranic parchments and paper scraps which go back to more than a thousand years.
Engineer Kamal Haqlan, deputy head of the work team said the archeological team is currently collecting and preserving these monuments so as to hand them over to the relevant authorities. The monuments also include a semi complete Koran book, found on the roof of Sana’a grand mosque.
He said the scraps written in Hebrew language are five medium sized, which the team is cleaning and repairing so as to hand them to the relevant authorities to study their contents as they cannot be explained at the moment.
Haqlan disclosed that an animal corpse is also discovered in one of the walls of the mosque, adding that it is not embalmed, but he added that it is believed to be for a cat that died among the Koranic parchments.
“The original walls of the mosque were found on the southern part of the mosque, which is believed to be the basis for the first mosque which Prophet Mohammed ordered its establishment on the sixth Hijri Year,” Haqlan said.
On the other hand Judge Ahmed Abdul-Raziq al-Roqihi said these discoveries emphasize the grand mosque is one of the most important holy mosques in the Arab and Islamic world as the date of these discovered Koranic parchments go back to the second Hijri century, calling for giving more attention to the grand mosque’s antiquities.
Engineer Qaid al-Hazmi, Director of the Capital Secretariat’s Endowment office, said it is too early to disclose the contents of the scraps written in the Hebrew language, saying they will be exposed to maintenance operations by experts and then there will be attempts to know their contents.
Undersecretary of the Culture Ministry for manuscripts affairs, Dr. Mocbel al-Tam Amir al-Ahmedi noted that the Koranic parchments treasures discovered today, ensure that (Arabia Felix,) is still an open museum, which the archeological experts have not yet reached their desired goal in it, calling the people of conscience to live to their responsibilities towards the preservation of this treasure by maintaining and repairing it, and to keep it, at all costs, in a safe place , out of reach of the hands of abusers.
It is notable that the repair and maintenance project of Sana’a grand mosque started in 2007, and continues up to 2015 at a cost of $ 5.5 million, financed by the Arab Fund for Social and Economic Development. It is under the supervision of the Social Development Fund, with 75 workers and five Italian experts.
The grand mosque in Sana’a is considered to be one of the oldest mosques built at the Prophet Mohamed’s era (Peace and Blessing be Upon Him.) All historic sources unanimously agree that it was built on the sixth Hijri year when Prophet Mohammed (Peace and blessing be upon him) sent Wabr Ibn Yahnis al-Ansari as a Governor to Sana’a, and ordered him to build a mosque, which he built between al-Malamlma rock and Ghamdan Palace.