Discuss mechanism of regulating travel agencies work in Yemen

SANA'A A meeting of the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority was discussed on Saturday under the chairmanship of the mechanism for organizing the work of travel agencies in Yemen to protect the rights of the travelers' public.

The meeting, which brought together the Director General of Air Transport, Dr. Mazen Ahmed Ghanem, and specialists from the Air Transport Department and travel agencies in Sana'a, reviewed the difficulties facing the agencies and ways to resolve them and develop their business to serve passengers.

The meeting stressed the need for the agencies to renew their licences during 2023 and oblige the Authority's licensing not to deal with offending and non-licensed agencies.

The meeting approved a workshop between the Authority and travel agencies during Ramadan to examine ways to facilitate the work of travel agencies and the travelers' public.

The Director-General of Air Transport confirmed that the Ministry of Transport's leadership, represented by the Civil Aviation Authority, was overcoming the difficulties faced by travel agencies under the regulations governing their work.

Source: Yemen News Agency