Discussing mechanisms & ways to support restoring export goods activity through Hodeida port

A meeting in Hodeida province, chaired by the Minister of Industry and Trade Muhammad Al-Mutahhar and the Governor Muhammad Qahim, discussed mechanisms for arranging the conditions of major exporters in conjunction with the opening Hodeida port and the entry of ships.

The meeting, which included the head of the General Authority for Investment, Yasser Al-Mansour, the two governors, Muhammad Hulaisi and Mutahar Al-Hadi, the head of the Tihama Development Authority, Ali Hazaa, and a number of senior merchants-exporters, was devoted to discussing aspects related to restoring the export of goods, challenges and obstacles facing exporters, shipping companies, and solutions to them.

At the meeting, Minister Al-Mutahhar and Governor Qahim, from the major exporting merchants, listened to an explanation of the damages and difficulties they faced as a result of the blockade, the perceptions and proposals that would address the status of export activity through Hodeida port.

Al-Mutahhar reviewed the ministry's directions regarding restoring work in the export sector and the procedures and ways that are being studied and discussed to arrange the conditions of export ports and the available treatments in coordination with the revolutionary leadership, the Supreme Political Council and the relevant authorities.

While Governor Qahim affirmed readiness of the local authority to support all government efforts to implement all procedures and requirements related to re-stimulating the activity of exporting local products and contributing to solving problems related to the export process.

He explained that the leadership of the local authority in the province is currently working on rehabilitating Hodeida Airport in preparation for its operation in front of air navigation, in implementation of the directives of the revolutionary leadership and the Supreme Political Council, stressing the importance of restoring export activity and strengthening the role of shipping companies for shipping and exporting various goods.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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