Dozens of saudi-led commanders killed in army’s drones aristrikes against Anad’s Lahj

The Armed forces spokesman Brigadier General Yahia Sarie confirmed that dozens of senior leaders of the mercenaries of the aggression were killed and wounded in a in today's qualitative operation launched by airstrikes waged by drones belonging to the air force against their military base of Anad in Lahj province.

He said in a statement to the Saba news agency that the operation came in response to the continuing raids by the air force of the aggression coalition, which targeted innocent civilians, as well as the escalation of its mercenaries on various fronts.

This operation was launched after an intelligence operation and hit a gathering of a number of senior leaders of the mercenaries of the aggression during their meeting held at Al-Anad military base. he added.

Qasif K2 had entered the service and had been tested before and it explodes from top to bottom with a distance of 20 meters into fragments.

This drone has the capacity to carry a large quantity of explosive material and will be announced properties through videos over previous experiences on the drone and will be released later.

He added that dozens of high-ranking mercenaries were killed and injured and were transported via helicopter evacuation to the German hospital in Aden and their names would be announced later.

Adding that the mercenaries are living in a state of panic and horror because of this qualitative operation and that the leaders of mercenaries are no longer safe today as long as they continue in their intransigence and insist on continuing their positions in line with the forces of aggression.

The spokesman stressed that this qualitative operation is a launching of the new fighting year 2019, which will be the year of victories and qualitative operations unless the forces of aggression and their mercenaries accept peace and stop their aggression against our country and our people.

The brigadier quickly concluded his statement by stressing that the next will be more severe and will earn the invaders and mercenaries only shame and shame and the terrible defeats on the hands of our heroes of Yemen.

Source: Yemen News Agency