Economic center criticizes gov’t budget draft for 2013

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BY NY Staff

The Economic Studies and Information Center has criticized the budget draft for 2013. The draft, with total expenditures estimated to be YR 2.766 trillion with estimated revenues of YR 2.84 trillion, was recently approved by the government.

In a statement released by the center, it was stated that the budget draft represented a repetition of last year’s budget and contained no plan for reviving investment and development in the country.

“Adopting the same method every time in drafting the budget doesn’t allow the government to take care of society’s needs and priorities,” read the center’s statement.

According to the center, the budget draft didn’t focus attention on enhancing revenues, which it claimed had declined by YR 27 billion. The center attributed the lack of attention to a lack of willingness to improve the state of government revenues, and especially after revenues rose in the oil and gas sector following the establishment of Petromasila, a government company.

Budget figures indicate an increase in expenses, to the tune of YR 94 billion, the result of payments connected with new jobs in the civil and military sectors. There are also indications that the state budget deficit may reach YR 682 billion in 2013.

The center also noted that the budget didn’t reflect any new procedures to be taken in response to government corruption.

The center stated that the government’s decision to stop any new projects and only finance projects co-financed with local and foreign funding amounted to proof of the government’s inability to meet its citizen’s requirements in 2013.