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SANAA, June. 21 (Saba) – Sana’a was not in fact, in its talk of an economic war against the Yemenis, which was decided by the American and British sides, together with their regional instruments in the region, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which share the leadership of a coalition of war and a blockade that continues to relentlessly kill and starve the Yemeni people for nearly six years.
But the adoption of the economy as a weapon of war, as much as it came to expose the inability of the modern and newest military machine, to achieve the goal of subjecting the opposing and resistant position in Sana’a to the expansion swells of the project of hegemony and regional and international guardianship, And what falls within it of the plans of partition and fragmentation to facilitate the tasks of exploiting and controlling the capabilities and wealth, It reveals that the idea of killing is going to be extremely dangerous, albeit in another way; Killing with an unjust blockade of the basics of food, medicine and fuel survival, killing by disrupting sources of economic support, closing production and export, undermining foreign currency reserves, destroying the national currency, weakening its purchasing value, sinking into chaos and disintegrating market and price control.
Not only from Yemen, which is almost exceptional, but from any opposing position in the region, it is intended to abandon any rising, counter-or opposing role, to avoid options such as starvation and impoverishment! Especially in the light of the availability provided by the political regimes in the region, which are marked with the thinking and the economically savage monopolar tendencies, in the service of Israel and the Israel project.
In Yemen, as in Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria, economic scenarios take a consistent and coherent form, and America and its allies from the political regimes in the region run economic war operations rooms that do not take into account American interests, or even the interests of allies, but take into account the interests of Israel and Israel’s ambitions, as Hezbollah leader in Lebanon, Mr. Hassan Nasrallah, said in his televised speech to the Lebanese people, Wednesday, in conjunction with the developments of events in Beirut and the return of protests and demonstrations.
Just as Yemen’s economy continues, the conspiracy of destruction from an operations room run by American and British experts, along with the coalition, faces the economy of Iraq and Syria as well as Lebanon.
The information revealed by The Leader “Nasrallah” regarding the reality of the American role in Lebanon leads to striking matches in the scenarios of economic developments that are of course leading to detailed and profound collapses, to remember the extent of the suffering of the people, and to push towards chaos and crime, which is not far-sighted and controlled.
Nasrallah, in front of the parties in Lebanon, reveals the shape of the U.S. role leading to the collapse of the national currency “lira” and how this role and the role of regional “Saudi Emirati” local banking institutions, for example, to the exit of tens of billions of hard currency, abroad, with the aim of stifling the Lebanese economy, through the collapse of its currency, the rise of prices madly, and the closure of banking and forms of economic practices in the country.
According to Nasrallah, the protests and demonstrations are moving away from these fundamental motives and grounds, as they do not yet want to understand that the search for solutions to Lebanon’s economy, which is facing the conspiracy more than ever before, is more important than the marketing of the weapon of resistance as the most prominent problems facing the Lebanese, and that the welfare of the Lebanese people depends on the disarmament of resistance and resistance in the face of the Israeli project “bread for weapons”, outlined by Nasrallah, stressing that this will not be and will not be allowed.
These important findings reflect the nature of the role that targets the axis of resistance in the region as a whole, of which Yemen has become the most prominent component.
In one way or another, the forms of economic warfare will not stop against attitudes that are biased towards the dignity of peoples and the possession of their sovereignty in the region, but what is expected is that these wars will fail when sufficiency, equality and parity are confirmed, or even seriously contemplated to emerge from the mantle of economic exclusion and deadly economic dependency.
The shameful and scandalous economies of what collapsed would have collapsed in such a way, had it not been for the corruption and failure of those responsible for their affairs, their looting and their subordination to positions of hegemony, monopoly, arrogance and arrogance, to subject peoples to starvation and economic humiliation.

Source: Yemen News Agency (SABA)

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