September 19, 2021

Enraged students shut down Medicine College

National Yemen

Students Protesting at Sana’a University

By NY Staff

Dozens of angry students demanding the suspension of the Medicine College’s Vice Dean of Academic Affairs Amat Al-Salam Mehras caused the college to shut down. Their demands followed a reported incident which involved Mehras assaulting a female student at the college for political reasons.

An eyewitness said, “She started beating Howaida Al-Aghbary on level two, and slapped her in front of her colleagues; she then started punching her until she [Al-Aghbary] fell down.”

Students said that the enraged Vice Dean beat the student because the latter had supported last year’s Youth Revolution. A number of students stated that the incident must be investigated and Mehras prosecuted, for violating academic teaching standards.

According to students, the incident didn’t represent the first time Mehras had committed such a violation. The Vice Dean had also attempted to expel Al-Aghbary, a prominent student at the Medicine College. Students said the College Council’s refusal to approve the expulsion led to Al-Aghbary’s being threatened, blackmailed and finally beaten by Mehras.

Medical reports confirmed that the student had been punched in the head, face and chest.

The college witnessed angry protests by a number of students, who condemned such abuses and called for Mehras’ firing.

Students formed a committee, and its representative said protests would be carried out on a daily basis until the Vice Dean was fired, as compensation for abuses against students at the college. The committee representative also called on the college president and Minister of Higher Education to cleanse the college of individuals such as Mehras, who, he said “add nothing but shame to the educational process.”