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SANAA, As usual in buying everything he can pay for, the aggression coalition of Dar al-Nadwa on Yemen, opened the appetite of the devil Abu Dhabi to practice his favorite game, based on the activation of the strategy of purchasing, renting and managing ports and airports of diverse military and economic importance, and just one month after the start of the storm of sin, Abu Dhabi advanced the ranks of the contestants on the pilgrimage to the Kaaba in the Eritrean Red Sea, to enter the club to listen to what is going on in Bab al-Mandab from its widest doors.
The sudden shift towards the Eritrean Kaaba comes according to the website “Stratford” because: “The UAE began to lose confidence in its Egyptian ally, after Sisi refused to participate in military operations in Yemen, except for a large financial reward,” and correct what Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh Mohammed said: “The UAE is using Eritrea because it is able to provide logistical facilities in the war in Yemen.”
In the oppressive, money-hungry Eritrean regime, the UAE found the best way to realize its diabolical dreams, carry out its conspiratorial and subversive designs in Yemen and the region, and the so-called “Arab Alliance” for the War in Yemen, located just 40 kilometers from Eritrea across the Red Sea, was caught on a regime of ” Isaias Afwerki” different from the rest of its neighbor’s, representing an irreplaceable opportunity for him and his regime to stimulate his preferred trade, especially with the presence of potential oil-fighting oil customers there.
Political positions and diplomatic moves over the past years have shown that Eritrea has become a puppet in the hands of the UAE, having opened its territory to establish military bases, prisons and detention facilities run by the Government of Abu Dhabi in the darkness in full, despite the disastrous repercussions that have not been spared from its destructive fragments until Eritrea itself.
Behind its military expansion in Eritrea, the UAE aims to achieve a package of objectives:
1. The UAE believes that the construction of a major military base in Eritrea spanning several decades will give it a leading role in protecting the sea lanes of Suez and Bab al-Mandab, dominating navigation, securing good access to the Red Sea coast, strengthening control over the Gulf of Aden, Bab al-Mandab and East Africa — of course, serving its destructive role — and emerging as a strong player in the Horn of Africa, East Africa and the West Indian Ocean.
2. Grant the UAE strategic depth in any future conflict with Iran, particularly since the location and depth of the port of Assab allows reserve forces including Emirati warships, aircraft and even submarines to remain active and capable of intercepting Iranian shipping and shipping along the coastline during a long-term war, and Israel is preparing the Gulf Zionists for their acting administration.
3. The uae’s most important objective, according to the intelligence website Techtyal Report, is to play the role of “kingmaker” throughout this strategic region, and to be a difficult figure, harnessing all legitimate and illegitimate possibilities to reach its desired diabolical goal.
4. Managing the aggression against Yemen, including military operations, naval blockade, training of mercenaries and securing occupied Yemeni cities and islands.
5. Managing its conspiratorial plots in East Africa, Bab al-Mandab and the Red Sea all the way to Libya.
* UAE military base:
At the end of April 2015, the Washington Institute for Near East Studies revealed a Saudi-Eritrean consensus on the war in Yemen, and Eritrea’s allowing the Storm Alliance to use its territory, airspace and territorial waters in that unjust war, and this convergence was signed by the UAE. In May 2015, Eritrea signed a security and military partnership, under which Asmara is committed to providing direct logistical support for combat operations in Yemen, and leasing Assab port and airport for 30 years, for use as a logistics center and military base for the UAE Navy.
Under this agreement, the UAE succeeded in establishing its first and largest military base beyond its borders, and soon became the lifeblood of the unjust war in Yemen, including the transfer of ground-based aggression forces and equipment, the movement of naval pieces, the launching of coalition aircraft to launch raids, the management of the naval blockade applied to Yemen, and the management of the occupation of Yemeni cities, islands and coasts. Etc.
* Israel trains mercenaries of aggression:
The UAE military base at Assab the Erteri port and airport has been transformed into a logistical reception center to host hotel government ministers when they are threatened in Aden during their sporadic and rare visits to the occupied territories, and a gathering center for mercenaries from inside Yemen and African countries, and to train and train them before transferring them to participate in the aggression of the Storm Alliance.
According to local reports, the UAE trained about 4,000 Yemeni mercenaries in Assab during the first year of the aggression alone, including 1,500 Yemeni mercenaries who were transferred to Yemen in late July 2015, and in October 2015, al-Anad air base received a group of pilots from the Yemeni air force after training in Assab.
It is known that the Zionist entity has a heavy presence in Eritrea, particularly the city and port of Assab, and uses the islands of the Archipelago of Dahlak as a station of communication and monitoring, and can enhance its military presence openly, and many local and international reports have spoken of a Zionist military presence at the UAE military base in Assab, and the participation of the Zionists in training the mercenaries of the Storm alliance before transferring them to Yemen.
* The UAE’s dirty investment in the tragedy of Yemeni fishermen:
It is remarkable recently that the UAE has brokered the release of Yemeni fishermen in Eritrea, although Riyadh is usually involved in such matters, and it is funny that the increase in arrests, abductions and torture of Yemeni fishermen by the Eritrean regime after 2015 is supervised and directed by Direct from the UAE, and therefore its recent mediations was merely a scandalous play, intended to suggest to regional competitors that it has become significant and influential in the Horn of Africa, which can no longer be overridden or ignored in decisions concerning the security and stability of the Red Sea, Bab al-Mandab and the horn of Africa, a scandalous and revealing rise, where the rolling facts in this afflicted region confirm that the UAE is merely a front and a cover for the Zionist entity.
* UAE secret prisons in Eritrea:
Human rights organizations and international news agencies, including the Associated Press, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, have revealed in recent years a network of UAE secret prisons in several areas within Eritrea, including the port, Assab airport, Asmara International Airport and the Dahlak Archipelago , including detainees of several nationalities, including Emirati dissidents, mostly Yemenis, who are subject editing the most heinous forms of torture, including sexual harassment.
* The catastrophic repercussions of the UAE military presence:
In an interview on February 11, 2018, Eritrean academic and political thinker Dr. Hassan Salman said that the UAE military presence has made Eritrea an arena for regional conflict, in a region that has been experiencing for decades proxy wars for geopolitical and civilizational reasons, and that major powers and their regional instruments are competing around them, and today they are more tense and close to the slide towards confrontation, especially after information about the presence of UAE-Egyptian military meetings and gatherings in Eritrea, specifically on the Sudanese border, as well as a military presence in the UAE.
Although al-Qaeda’s primary mission in Eritrea relates to Yemen, training, transporting and guarding naval lycées, so that the Eritrean coastal areas are not used against the UAE’s presence in Yemen, the fact is that al-Qaeda’s presence comes within the framework of the international and regional struggle for influence in this vital region, Abu Dhabi’s attempt to expand its sphere of influence, and attacks on targets in Yemen to carry out its own agendas there, which negatively affects the region, in the light of long-standing conflicts that the UAE is investing in for its project.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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