Fathali upon Iranian Embassy’s blast commemoration: Terrorism will not trounce our determination

The Iranian Embassy in Beirut commemorated on Thursday the third anniversary of the explosion that had targeted it and made a number of martyrs, in presence of a panel of officials and high-ranking dignitaries.

In his word, Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammad Fathali maintained that the Islamic Republic only became stronger and more supportive for the downtrodden people of the region.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is proud that all the sacrifices it has made and the suffering it has endured were due to its standing by the axis of the Resistance," he said.

"The culprit is known; it is no surprise that a regime with stale ideas carries out such a terrorist act; [this regime] has already put its money at the service of terrorism and created horrendous circumstances to the people of Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain, and elsewhere," he added.

"Terrorism and its international sponsors with their regional tools will not trounce the determination of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its wise leadership to support and stand by the downtrodden people in the world, as well as by the resistance of both the Lebanese and Palestinian people," he stressed.

"We, in the Islamic Republic of Iran, believe that unity is the secret of victory," Fathali concluded.

Source: National News Agency