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Member of Parliament (MP) Abdulkareem Jadban has stated that he recently refused to attend a conference at Sana’a’s Movenpik Hotel. “I refused because the conference was sponsored by the U.S. Ambassador to Yemen, Gerald Feierstein,” he said.

Jadban said he received a call from the U.S. Embassy with an invitation for him to participate in discussions concerning the situation in Yemen and in Sa’ada in particular.

“I answered them by saying that I refused to participate and I criticized their violations of Yemen’s sovereignty,” he added.

The MP telephoned the House of Representatives with the idea of firmly taking a stand against the American Ambassador. Jadban said that he met with opposition from some members, including the Council Chairman, who, he said, asked other MPs not to deal with such issues.

“I told him that as a representative of the Yemeni people, I had sworn to look out for their interests. And I vowed to reveal all American conspiracies against Yemen,” said Jadban.

During the conference in question, Feierstein stated that Iran was a supporter of the Houthis and the secessionist Southern Movement. He also stated that the General People’s Congress (GPC) Party must remove Saleh from his leadership position in a comment which stirred controversy among various MPs.

MP Sultan Al-Barakani condemned the ambassador’s statement, and stated that in making it, Feierstein overstepped his bounds.

“How can we keep silent in response to the actions of the U.S. Ambassador, who has violated our government’s sovereignty, to the point that now, no one can stop him,” he said.

Al-Barakani went on to say that the U.S. Ambassador’s actions represented a curse on the Yemeni government and Yemeni lands and would not be accepted any more.

For his part, MP Abdulaziz Jubari said to the head of parliament that before condemning what Jadban had said, they should condemn comments which have come from members of the GPC Party.

“It seems that a plan is being prepared by the GPC and the Houthis to abuse the president,” he said.

The Parliament head went on to demand that the MPs stop exchanging accusations and get back to their work.

“Nobody can represent us, whether it’s the U.S. ambassador or anyone else,” he said.

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