Yemen's dominant Houthi group, said that, its fighters have repelled a major offensive, launched by their foes of Saudi government troops, in Alab border crossing, between Saudi Asir region and Yemeni northern Houthi stronghold of Saada.

Houthis said, their fighters have killed dozens of Saudi troops during the battles, over the past 24 hours, though no reports from the Saudi side were immediately available.

It was the latest of fighting in the joint cross border, of which its northern part was under Saudi military control, while the southern part was still under Houthi control.

The Yemeni militant forces also lobbed a barrage of Katyusha missiles, into Saudi military gatherings, west of Dhahran area, as well as, Shabaka and Arabah military camps, in the same Saudi border region of Asir.

Separately, Houthi fighters, backed by loyal Yemeni army's soldiers, fired artillery and Katyusha missiles at Saudi military camps of Rakabat al-Ash, Mustahdath and al-Khadhra camp, in neighbouring Saudi region of Najran and Saudi military gathering, west of the Tiwal border crossing, in adjacent Saudi region of Jizan.

No reports of casualties were immediately available.

Meanwhile, clashes were reported Saturday, between Houthi fighters and Saudi-backed Yemeni exiled government forces, in several Yemeni provinces, including Taiz, al-Jawf, Marib , Lahj and in Nehm, north-east of Houthi-controlled capital Sanaa, according to local media.

Houthis have been targeting Saudi-border cities since the beginning of the war in Yemen, in early 2015, that led to the deaths of thousands of civilians from both countries.

Houthis, backed by forces loyal to former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, seized control of power in 2014, throwing Yemeni internationally recognised president, Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, and his government, over alleged accusations of corruption.

The accusations were denied by Hadi's government, which called for the Saudi-led coalition military help, in Mar, 2015, to restore power.