Fighting, insecurity continue to plague Yemen

A recent upsurge in fighting in Yemen continues to have a "devastating impact" on civilians, UN Humanitarian Coordinator in the country Jamie McGoldrick said on Monday.

His statement follows the deaths of seven people in an attack on a market in Sa'ada Governorate, located in the northwest.

The UN aid official also cited media reports indicating that attacks emanating from Yemen have caused an unconfirmed number of casualties in Saudi Arabia.

Dianne Penn reports.

Mr McGoldrick said the fighting and insecurity in Yemen are further compounded by the continued closure of the airport in the capital, Sana'a.

Thousands of people cannot leave the country, including patients who need to travel abroad for urgent medical care, while others remain stranded outside of Yemen.

Those people are said to be facing financial hardships and administrative hurdles due to expired visas.

Mr McGoldrick called on the authorities to immediately open the airport and resume commercial flights into the capital to help address the situation.

He also echoed the UN Secretary-General's call urging all parties to the conflict to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure.

The UN estimates that around 13 million people in Yemen require aid due to ongoing fighting between government forces and Houthi rebels.

Talks between the two sides were suspended earlier this month.

Dianne Penn, United Nations.

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Source: United Nations Radio.