Financial, administrative correction starts from Finance Ministry: Presidency Office Director

SANAA, Director of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic Ahmed Hamed on Monday affirmed the financial and administrative correction starts from the Ministry of Finance, which is expected to be a model in the process of reform.

At the opening of the consultative meeting organized by the Finance Ministry for directors of all its offices in the capital Sanaa and the provinces, Hamed stressed the need for everyone to take responsibility for the preservation of public funds.

He confirmed the continuation of the Supreme Political Council in correcting all imbalances and would not tolerate with any messes.

The finance representative or financial officer must be a model in the institution where he works and he should be the first who works for the elimination of extortion and bribery and the upgrading of financial and administrative work, Hamed added.

Hamed emphasized that all are concerned with establishing the new Yemen according to the national vision for building a modern Yemeni state that needs sound foundations and white hands capable of doing so.

Source: Yemen News Agency