Fisheries statement on Somali authorities jailing, trial of 31 Yemeni fishermen

SANA’A, Apr. 01 (Saba) – The Ministry of Fisheries has expressed its deep regret over the imprisonment and trial of 31 Yemeni fishermen by the Somali authorities.
The ministry said in a statement issued on Tuesday by Saba that it has followed with interest the case of Somali authorities in Puntland imprisoning and prosecuting 31 Yemeni fishermen, confiscating their boats, and forcing them to pay fines of more than $700 per fisherman.
The statement appealed to our brothers in Somalia and in Puntland province to take into account the situation of Yemeni fishermen, who were driven by compelling circumstances beyond their control, namely, that they were directly bombarded by the US-Saudi aggression coalition as soon as they entered Yemeni territorial waters to fish and earn a living.
The statement expressed the hope of the Ministry of Fisheries in Sana’a that the Somali authorities will respond to the release of the fishermen and the surrender of their boats and exempt them from the fines imposed on them in recognition of the conditions experienced by Yemeni fishermen as a result of the continued aggression and blockade.

Source: Yemen News Agency