SANAA, Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf on Tuesday in the capital Sanaa met with United Nations Resident Coordinator Lise Grande.

The meeting dealt with the efforts of the United Nations offices, programs and organizations working in Yemen to increase the provision of humanitarian aid, especially to address the acute shortage of food and medicines, including the fight against cholera and incurable diseases such as the cancer and kidney failure.

During the meeting, Minister Sharaf expressed rejection and condemnation of the media terrorism practiced by a number of satellite channels and the media outlets belonging to the US-saudi aggression coalition against the United Nations and its officials working in Yemen, while the United Nations plays an important role in facilitating humanitarian action in Yemen to face the greatest humanitarian disaster created by the aggression.

The Foreign Minister pointed out that the hopes were great for starting the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement, which will contribute to alleviating the consequences of the humanitarian disaster by facilitating the entry of vessels loaded with food aid and oil derivatives through the ports of Hodeidah, Ras Issa and Salif, but the saudi- backed authorities of Hadi is pursuing a systematic policy to increase the burden on the citizen.

He stressed that the insistence of the this Riyadh hotel government on the implementation of Resolution No. 75 of 2018, the non-payment of salaries of state employees and the continued closure of Sanaa International Airport is a sign of a lack of any sincere intentions towards confidence-building measures and the establishment of peace and stability in Yemen.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs affirmed that the national leadership in Sanaa is still extending its hand to a just and honorable peace.

He pointed out that the hotel government is continuing to put obstacles, stressing that it must review its position and take a serious approach to peace to ensure the return of security and stability and ending the aggression and siege imposed on the Yemeni people since five Years.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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