FM meets UN official in Sanaa

SANAA, Minister of Foreign Affairs Hisham Sharaf met on Tuesday with meeting with the director of the office of the UN special envoy to Yemen Nicholas Davies in Sanaa.

At the meeting, the officials discussed developments in the efforts of the UN envoy Martin Griffiths for Yemen, have aimed at stopping the Saudi-led aggression and lifting the siege imposed on the Yemeni people.

The minister stressed on the importance of taking a number of humanitarian measures by the Saudi-led aggression coalition to enhance confidence building and to achieve peace, especially reopening Sanaa international airport to commercial and civil traffic and paying the state-run employees' salaries.

At the meeting, Sharaf carried the UN official an urgent message to Griffiths explained the aggressive and provocative acts continued by the aggression states against the Yemeni fishermen and their boats in a flagrant violation of the human rights and the international law.

For her part, Nicholas said that the United Nations would continue to exert efforts to achieve a sustainable peace in Yemen.

Source: Yemen News Agency