September 19, 2021

Football Season Begins: Premier League Match Reports

Draw Between Al-Saqr and Sha’ab Ibb in the Green Governorate
The Sha’ab Ibb Team managed to snatch a goal from the away Al-Saqr Team, in the 22 May Stadium.

The goal was in the opening moments of the first half of the match scored by the professional player Ambuyu, encouraging the Al-Saqr players to end the match with a goal that fustrated the home team, which the away team maintained until the referee’s half-time whistle.

In the second round the Sha’ab Ibb players felt their risky situation all too well, with some stern words from their coach during the half time break.

Feeling the crunch they looked for a chance for a draw with Al-Saqr when Al-Sha’ab player Al-Hajiri Ayman scored the equalizer, saving his team from a first loss of the season, and gaining a point in their credit.

Al-Hilal vs Hassan: 3-1
In Hodeida, ‘Al-Hilal’ managed to win against Hassan from Abyan with three goals to one.

The match saw some stern efforts from Hasan Abyan to score the first goal causing some defensive tactics from the home team Al-Hilal Hodeidah, and some serious caution within the defence box.

Hassan kept its nets clean, while its player Abood Mabrook finally succeeded in securing the first goal, before the end of the first half.

In the second round Al-Hilal upped their game further, capitalizing on the sending off of some Hasan players, and managed to score three further goals by Saleh Al-Shihri, Mohammed Al-Sallat and Borahn Qasem.

With this result Al-Hilal gained a clear victory at the start of the season.

Al-Tilal (Aden) 4- Sha’ab Sana’a 1 in Hoqat Stadium, Aden
The players of the Al-Tilal succeeded in exploiting the weak level of the Al-Sha’ab players and won the most important points of the match.

Al-Tilal striker Almi Antana Aul scored a hat-trick (three goals), while his colleague Hussein Ghazi scored the fourth, to make the goal scored by Ali Al-Ba’dani of Al-Sha’ab team utterly useless.

Al-Tilal team sent a strong-toned message to the rest of the teams, putting three points on the scoreboard.

Ittihad Ibb Crushes Wahdat Sana’a
In the Capital Sana’a, on the Al-Sha’ab Stadium, the players of Ittihad Ibb succeeded in returning with three points, at the expense of Wahdat Sana’a, the host. Samir Mohammed, a player of Ittihad Ibb team scored the first goal. Fadhl Al-Aroomi scored the second goal. In the second round, the performance of Al-Wahda players has improved and they managed to defend their goal and their player Isam Al-Kodri scored a goal, but the time was not enough and the match ended with Ittihad Ibb winning by three points.

Football: ‘Shabab’ Al-Baidha Defeat ‘Al-Rasheed’
Shabab Al-Baidha won their first match of the tournament with a positive result, which was cheered with the roaring fans at their stadium.

Shabab Al-Baidha, the local team to Al-Baidha, managed to secure an important win over the away team Al-Rasheed Al-Halimi.

The Al-Rasheed players were not an easy hunt and played well, losing only to a single goal in the first round from a penalty shot driven home by Ahmed Amwas.

The Al-Shabab players kept their ‘clean sheet’ during the second round meaning that player Amwas hadgiven his team with the first three points of the tournament.