Forces of aggression intensify their escalation, violations on interior fronts, borders

PROVINCES, The forces of aggression intensified their escalation on the borders, internal fronts, and violations of the ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah proince in the past 24 hours, a security official told Saba on Saturday.

The aggression coalition waged an airstrike on al- Luhayyah district in Hodeidah province in clear violation of the ceasefire agreement, the security official said.

In Hais district, the forces of aggression targeted al-Sha'ab village and its vicinity with medium machine guns, while the houses of the citizens were targeted with heavy bullets in the village of al-Qalmah in the same district.

In Tuhaita district, the invaders shelled heavily with heavy and medium weapons in al-Jabaliah area, launching three Katyusha rockets into al-Faza area, they also shelled more than 15 shells and various machine guns in various areas south and west of the city of Tuhaita.

In Bayt al-Faqih district, the forces of aggression targeted al-Ja'ah area with 10 artillery shells, a military bulldozer has developed combat fortifications in al-Ja'ah al-Asfal area.

In Ad Durayhimi District, heavy artillery shelling of the forces of aggression targeted the homes of citizens, and a military bulldozer constructed new fortifications east of the besieged city.

The countries of aggression continued to escalate on the border and inside fronts through the chants and stowaways under continuous air cover with more than 12 air strikes without making any significant progress, the official confirmed.

In Saada province, Saudi missile and artillery shelling targeted populated villages in Razih border district, and the aggression warplane carried out six airstrikes on the area of Takhia in Majz district.

In Hajjah province, the aggression warplane waged an airstrike on Harradh district, two airstrikes on Majazah in Asir.

Source: Yemen News Agency