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SANAA, Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf has condemned the US administration’s hostile approach to the Syrian Arab Republic and its people by supporting groups outside the state’s law and order and its complicity in stealing Syrian oil.

In a statement, Saba got a copy of it on Monday, the Foreign Minister denounced the US administration’s sponsorship of a null agreement between a US oil company with the militias of the Syrian Democratic Forces “SDF” to invest in the production of oil and sell it illegally, stressing that such an approach is practiced only by thieves of the wealth of peoples and their enemies.

He noted that such an illegal agreement came under the auspices of the international community and the United Nations and it was sponsored by the US administration for thieves and outlaws who were created and formerly armed by the White House as part of a conspiracy of so-called “creative chaos and the Greater Middle East.”

The Foreign Minister accentuated that the National Salvation Government condemned the conspiracy against Syria and its steadfast people.

“What is happening now is the looting of the wealth of the Syrian people is the same as the crime of theft and looting that took place years ago and on in the Republic of Yemen through the Saudi-Emirati aggression states and their tools in stealing the wealth of the Yemeni people represented by oil and gas”, he said.

The Foreign Minster explained that the Salvation government continues to monitor and document details and information related to the looting of oil and gas by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, their militias, and armed groups during the past years of aggression in preparation for bringing the issue before the international community and international anti-corruption courts.

He emphasized that any arrangements for a peaceful political solution in Yemen would not ignore the opening of the files of theft and corruption, whether by the leaders of Saudi Arabia and the UAE or the leaders of militias and armed and political groups currently allied with them.

“The temporary protection umbrella that the US Administration currently gives them will not benefit them from and will not continue in the light of the Senate and the House of Representatives in Washington monitor these corrupt and theft practices, and all these thieves will find themselves before international courts due to their corrupt practices against poor and oppressed people,” Sharaf concluded.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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