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SANAA, Foreign Ministry of the National Salvation Government on Tuesday said that the aggression aims to impose Saudi trusteeship over Yemen, prevent its political decision independence and destroy its infrastructure and military capabilities.

In a statement on the occasion of the passage of four years of steadfastness, the Foreign Ministry disproved the pretexts promoted by the aggression coalition countries led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE to legitimize the aggression and siege, which caused the worst humanitarian disaster in the world.

The statement noted to Saudi and Emirati ambitions to occupy the Yemeni territories, islands and ports, including attempts by Saudi Arabia to occupy Mahra province and extend an oil pipeline from its territory to the Arabian Sea, as well as the occupation of Socotra archipelago in May 2018 by the UAE, which sought to control the Yemeni ports after the cancellation of the contract signed with the Dubai Ports Company to manage the port of Aden.

The statement referred to the rampant corruption in the so-called "Hadi government" via misappropriation of public funds and manipulation of government positions.

The Ministry affirmed that while the Republic of Yemen retains its legal right of self-defense in accordance with international conventions and norms, it renews the commitment of the political leadership represented by the Supreme Political Council and the National Salvation Government to peace and the implementation of Stockholm Agreements and their support for efforts made by the UN Special Envoy to Yemen.

In its statement, the Ministry called for the formation of an independent international commission of inquiry to investigate all crimes and violations committed by the aggression coalition since 26 March 2015.

The Ministry stressed the halt of the arms supply to the aggression countries, which will contribute to pressure towards ending the aggression, lifting siege, and resuming the activity of diplomatic missions of brotherly and friendly countries.

The Foreign Ministry's statement also reviewed the human and material losses resulting from the aggression during the past four years.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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