Foreign Ministry clarifies truth about situation on Marib front

SANA’A, March 06 (Saba) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sana’a on Saturday reviewed the nature and contents of the UN and international statements and other political and media positions regarding the Marib front.
In a statement, which Saba received a copy of, the Ministry clarified that these positions generally lack a minimum of logic and are tainted by a lot of insistence on questioning Sana’a’s eagerness for peace and diminishing its natural and legitimate right to self-defense.
“Until today, all that the UN and international situation has shown is the clear and exclusive focus on the Marib front, noting that it completely ignores the rest of the burning fronts of war,” the ministry said.
The Ministry expressed deep regret and resentment over this selective approach with the issue of peace in Yemen, as it does not express a real and clear trend to support a complete end to the war in Yemen.
In this regard, the statement stressed the importance of realizing that the Marib front is an old, burning and continuous front for six years, indicating that “the Saudi-led aggression coalition is the one who opened this front, not Sana’a.”
“Marib front is one of the major fronts in the aggressive war on Yemen, and it has remained over the past years and is still the scene of the occupying foreign forces,” the statement added.
The Ministry also confirmed that the Marib front is a starting point for most terrorist operations targeting the Marib community and the Yemeni society as a whole.
In its statement, the Foreign Ministry called for an end to ignoring the suffering of the Yemeni people, which is exacerbated and multiplied daily by the closure of Sana’a airport and the arbitrary detention of UN-licensed fuel ships.
The Ministry stressed the need to find a real and practical shift in the way and methods of dealing with the issue of peace in Yemen.
It reiterated the keenness of the leadership and all partners of the anti-aggression national stance to work together to achieve comprehensive and sustainable peace.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the international community to stand up to the concessions, initiatives, and visions that Sanaa offered for a solution, and its keenness on peace.

Source: Yemen News Agency