September 24, 2021

Geagea: Hezbollah not serious about nominating Aoun for Lebanese presidency

Lebanese Forces Leader, Samir Geagea, on Friday accused Hezbollah of not being serious about promises to nominate Free Patriotic Movement leader, MP Michel Aoun, for the Lebanese Presidency.

Geagea's words came in an address he gave earlier today to a visiting popular delegation from the Northern village of Tannourine.

"Hezbollah cannot afford losing its alliance with Aoun and the FPM, especially at the political level, but it doesn't want Aoun to become president either," Geagea said.

"Hezbollah is an integral part of the Iranian project in the region; meanwhile, Iran is busy in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. It is stalling the Lebanese presidential dossier in hope that it will use it as a bargaining chip to keep Bashar Assad in Syria -- a thing which the Gulf States and the west utterly refuse," the LF leader said.

He went on to add that Hezbollah stood before one of two choices: either stand weak in the shadow of a strong state or stand strong in the shadow of a weak republic.

"That's why Hezbollah would rather keep the situation as is to escape accountability."

Talking in the same vein, Geagea went on to describe the Lebanese presidential dossier as "very tough and complicated."

"MP Walid Jumblatt has realized the truth of the situation. He would rather opt for any president than having no president at all. He is willing to vote for MP Michel Aoun now that the Christian majority has reached an agreement over his candidacy," Geagea said, adding that talks remain ongoing with Future Movement leader, Saad Hariri, within this framework.

On another level, Geagea described his relation with Telecommunications Minister, Boutros Harb, as very good "at the personal level"; however, he said that at the political level, he couldn't afford having single candidates who would make independent decisions, whenever they wished to do so.

"Two or three MPs at Parliament can't be a source of pressure, whereas a bloc of 20 MPs most definitely can," Geagea added.S

Source: National News Agency