This year's UN Response Plan for Yemen describes the war-torn country as "the worst man-made humanitarian crisis" in the world, with more than 22 million people � around three-quarters of the total population � in need of help.

Over the past few years, it's the voice of Humanitarian Coordinator Jamie McGoldrick that has been drawing the world's attention the most loudly, and the most often, to Yemen's plight.

He had extensive experience as a senior manager with the UN humanitarian affairs office, (OCHA), before arriving in Yemen in December 2015, and for our latest UN News interview podcast, he explains why he's just stepped down from the job, and what it has been like to oversee one of the most difficult and challenging aid operations in the world.

Mr McGoldrick tells Matt Wells that to deliver aid to an increasingly desperate population in Yemen, there's "no point in getting angry, there's no point in getting frustrated, the point is to get smart".

Source: United Nations Radio

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