CAPE TOWN-- Participants of the 2018 African Mining Indaba taking place here this week have been told that the global mining industry is expected to continue shedding jobs as more and more mines become deeper and the minerals become more difficult to find.

A leading mining expert said Wednesday that people will be replaced by machines in the next few years, especially in the gold and platinum mining sectors.

In South Africa, the mining industry has lost almost 50,000 jobs since 2012.

The leader for energy and resources leader at international consultancy firm Deloitte, Andre Lane, speaking on the sidelines of the Mining Indaba, said: This is an industry where the employment profile is changing globally because what is happening is that mines are getting deeper and harder to mine.

"So there is an inevitable move towards technology, automation and digitisation, and that's going to change the nature of the employment profile; what it does do is that it keeps mines open for a lot longer and brings these resources that are currently unimaginable.


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