Global report: Yemen advances two centers in internet speed

SANAA, Average Internet speeds in Yemen have risen to two in the global rankings, according to the Speedtest Global Index website.

The latest report by Speedtest, which specializes in measuring Internet speed indicators globally, showed Yemen's progress in the speed of the Internet, as a global benchmark that confirms the level of improvement in Internet service provided in Yemen.

Based on an in-depth analysis of changes in global Internet performance using the Global Speedtest broadband index, the Global Speedtest index noted that Yemen offers two global hubs last October in providing internet speeds with an average download and anuplod speed of 3.94. Mbps.

Yemen ranked 172nd, with adsl, followed by Algeria 173rd.

Yemen's provision of two hubs in broadband Internet performance comes within the framework of improving the Internet, expansions and service performance in addition to providing fiber services, which are new services for subscribers via fiber optics, a statement issued by the General Telecommunications Corporation noted that.

It should be noted that Yemen was included in the list of the international ranking of the site "Speedtest" internet speed in the middle of last year.

Yemen was automatically included in the rankings after the service reached the levels of international standards for international Internet speed indicators globally.

Yemen's progress is the result of continuous efforts by the General Telecommunications Corporation to develop services and increase internet speed, which has been significantly reflected in the global measurement indicators of Internet speeds provided in the world, the statement said.

Source: Yemen News Agency