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SANAA, The General Organization for the Preservation of Historic Cities in Yemen (GOPHCY) has called on the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) to launch a global appeal to save the ancient cities of Sanaa, Zabid and Shibam Hadramout, which are inscribed on the World Heritage List; and is currently exposed to the dangers of torrential rain witnessed in Yemen recently that constitutes a threat to it, especially after it caused the demolition and collapse of a number of the landmarks and homes of these cities.

In a statement, Saba got a copy of it, the Organization pointed to other historical Yemeni cities that are exposed to rain and torrential damages, such as the historical cities of Thula, Hababah, and other cities and historical monuments across the country.

The Organization called on international and local organizations and Yemeni businessmen to support the local effort in protecting these cities, which are historic beacons that must be preserved and protected from the damage of rain, which poses a major threat to Yemen’s historical monuments and cities, foremost of which are the old cities of Sanaa, Zabid and Shibam Hadramout, which today are in dire need of an international appeal to save them.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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