Government decides on Aden Port operators

National Yemen

Aden on loading commercial containers

By: Abdullah Al-Sharafi’

A preliminary agreement has been issued by the Committee for Investment Projects for the Aden Company for the Improvement of Ports to run Aden Port until relevant procedures have completed.

Sources have reported that the decision to have the company operate the port was largely made by Prime Minister Mohammed Basindowa, who himself issued a directive on the matter to the chairman of the Aden Free Zone Board.

The Prime Minister’s memorandum reportedly specified the individuals who will operate the Kaltex Container Port – the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, and the Ministers of Transportation and Finance.

“All the ministers will gather under the umbrella of the Aden Company for the Improvement of Ports,” said a source.

The sources who reported on the matter have expressed concern about what one termed the government’s “fast and improvised” decision.

“It was taken without a serious economic feasibility study which would raise the port’s low status, to keep pace with international competition,” the source added.

He went on further to say that the government had moved the port’s administration to Sana’a, rather than have it in Aden, where, he said, highly-qualified and experienced people were available.