ADEN, Yemen, Forces loyal to Yemen's internationally-backed government, captured a number of military sites from the Houthis in the province of al-Bayda.

The armed forces launched an attack on the Houthi militiamen and managed to liberate a number of key military sites in the mountainous areas of Natea front, located to the north of al-Bayda province.

According to a government statement, the battles with the Houthi rebels are still ongoing, amid large on-ground progress achieved by the armed forces in al-Bayda.

Around 10 of the Houthi rebels were killed and several others injured, as a result of the ongoing fighting, said the statement.

Officials confirmed that Yemen's government forces started dismantling large amounts of landmines, after liberating key mountainous areas in the northern parts of al-Bayda.

Residents based in the area said, war planes of the Saudi-led coalition, bombed Houthi controlled sites and caused hug explosions in al-Bayda.

Source: NAM News Network

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