Governor of Aden: Demonstrations engulfing Aden reflect popular rejection of occupier’s presence, tools

Aden Governor Tariq Salam confirmed Tuesday that the Saudi-UAE occupying forces have renounced their pledges to protect Al-Al-Alimi Council and its partners and settle the situation of mercenaries' division, causing a boiling situation on the street.

The governor of Aden stated in a statement to SABA that the US-Saudi-UAE coalition used criminal methods against the people of Aden and the occupied provinces, making Aden a militia sink and a swamp of chaos and filling cemeteries with victims of IEDs and assassinations.

He pointed out that the Al-Alimi mercenary would only be a tool for a failed phase of the occupation and would fall into the same quagmire as his predecessor, Hadi, after recognizing the country's capabilities, wealth, and potential on an occupier's gold plate and paving the way for the destruction of Yemen and the starvation and killing of the people.

The Yemeni people were aware of the seriousness of the occupier's plan, which they were seeking to implement at the expense of the unity and sovereignty of Yemen after eight years of aggression and occupation, in which Yemenis were suffering, from hunger and poverty, while the occupier, his tools and mercenaries share the nation's wealth and loot its proceeds into their accounts abroad.

Governor Salam viewed the angry demonstrations and protests engulfing the street in Aden as a means of combating occupying forces, and mercenaries and a picture of the struggle that reflected the popular rejection of the occupier's presence and tools in Yemen.

He stressed that the coming days will see the escalator's steps, making the occupier and his mercenaries lose control of the scene without finding any way to flee the people and their anger. Called upon the people of Aden and the occupied southern governorates to continue to escalate to defeat the forces of terrorism and traitorously.

Source: Yemen News Agency