Gov’t endorses slew of decisions, 1st add

_: The Cabinet also approved the National Register of Government Investment Projects System for the year 2024 in order to provide a comprehensive database for government investment projects and partnership projects, to adopt a unified approach in the process of selecting and evaluating a partnership project or a government investment project, to provide a means of monitoring government investment projects and partnership projects during their various stages, and to enhance transparency and the optimal use of public resources.

The government also approved an amendment to the Driving License and Vehicle Registration and Licensing Fees Regulation for 2024 to address the situation of private and rental small passenger vehicles registered and licensed from 8/22/1999 to 6/15/2005, considering their owners the most affected segment by the high registration fees.

The amended regulation also aims to facilitate the process of renewing the licenses of these vehicles, which will reflect on the regularity of their licen

Additionally, the Council of Ministers decided to approve the mandating reasons for the Draft Regulation of Expertise and Arbitration in Sharia Courts for 2024 in preparation for referring it to the Legislation and Opinion Bureau for approval in accordance with the rules.

The draft regulation aims to regulate expertise and arbitration in Sharia courts, including the provision of clear mechanisms for registering the expert and arbitrator, the conditions for their approval and their duties, and the endeavor to raise the efficiency of expertise and arbitration work.

Source: Jordan News Agency