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Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras managed to pass a vote of confidence in his government after 151 deputies gave his approval and after a row over a deal to change Macedonia's name caused the collapse of a 4-year-old government coalition.

"The parliament today voted for confidence in stability and efforts to restore the credibility of the country on the international scene and a government that has already changed Greece and will continue its work until the end of its constitutional mandate," Tsipras was quoted as saying.

"I ask the parliament to renew its confidence in the government that brought the country out of the crisis. I think that the next elections will not be held until the fall of 2019 and that the government still has nine months and many tasks to take."

The French agency said that despite the victory of Tsipras in the vote is still the fate of his government and whether he is able to end his term of office and the four-year term expires in September, "is not settled."

Tsipras faces an immediate challenge to garner the support needed to pass the agreement to change the name of Macedonia in the Greek parliament, which has sparked protests in the country and represents his party (Syriza) 145 deputies in parliament and 300 seats.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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