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The head of religious affairs in Turkey, Ali Arbash, announced that the rise of anti-Islam in Europe poses a direct threat to peace, peaceful coexistence and multiculturalism on the old continent.

Speaking on Wednesday at the Second European Muslim Forum in Cologne, Arbash said that the future of Europe can not be discussed without taking into account the Islamic presence on the continent. Nor can we talk about the future of Muslims in Europe in isolation On the situation in the Islamic world.

The head of religious affairs of Turkey warned that the phenomenon of Islamophobia has recently turned into a real hostility to Islam, stressing that the growing ethnic currents against Islam and foreigners have caused great damage to common human values.

The Turkish official said that the concept of cultural pluralism and peaceful coexistence means respect for human dignity and rights, which is indispensable in societies and democratic states, calling on all to reject steps to marginalize this concept.

Arbash pointed out that efforts to prevent attacks on places of worship and religious freedoms are a must for all countries and organizations without exception. "Islam defends human values everywhere and seeks to revive all noble values, a religion of peace wherever it may be."

"It is therefore inappropriate to describe Islam in a variety of ways, such as moderate Islam, French Islam or European Islam," he said.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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