Haley urges UN Security Council to take measures against Iran for arms deliveries to Yemen

The United States believes that it is time for the UN Security Council to take action against Iran, which is accused of illegally supplying arms to the rebels in Yemen. Such a statement was made on Thursday by US Permanent Representative to the UN Nikki Haley.

She commented on the new report of the experts of the world organization on Yemen, who analyzed fragments of the rocket launched by the Yemeni rebels in Riyadh, as well as other weapons and equipment at the disposal of the American side.

As stated in the US Permanent Mission, UN experts came to the conclusion that Iranian weapons and ballistic missiles were imported into Yemen after the arms embargo was imposed against the country in 2015.

At the same time, according to experts, Tehran has not taken the necessary measures to suppress these supplies.

This report underscores what we have been saying over the past months: Iran has illegally handed over weapons in violation of several Security Council resolutions: the United States will continue to pay attention to the dangerous actions of Iran, but the world can not leave these gross violations unanswered, that disobedience to the international community entails consequences. The Security Council had to act, Hayley said in a written statement.

She did not specify which steps she expects from the UN Security Council.

Last week, Russia's permanent representative to the UN, Basil Nebenzia, did not rule out that the US will try to get the UN Security Council to take action against Iran for alleged arms shipments to the rebels in Yemen.

The diplomat summed up the visit of members of the Security Council to Washington in late January, where he demonstrated fragments of missiles and other military equipment allegedly of Iranian origin as evidence of Iran's illegal supplies of weapons to Husits in Yemen.

Source: National News Agency