September 25, 2021

Half a million Yemenis use Facebook

BY NY Staff

The Yemen Icon Company has issued its first statistics on Yemeni Facebook users. According to the company’s information, in 2012, their number has increased by 30.8% since 2011.

Of a total of 500 Yemeni Facebook users, 22% are women. The capital city of Sana’a was the best-represented Yemeni city, as it is home to 28% of the nation’s users; Abyan, meanwhile, only had 0.26%.

The statistics showed that a majority of Yemen’s Facebook users are between the ages of 18 and 24.

As for the most-visited Facebook pages, Tawakul Karman’s page received 270,000 visits, while Yemen Mareb Press received 97,000.

Yemen Icon Company’s Director, Abdurrahman Al-Absari, stated that internet and Facebook usage numbers were relatively low because of the high cost of internet access in Yemen.