Hariri denounces Iran’s role in spreading terrorism in the Islamic world

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri described the Iranian political and media war against Saudi Arabia as "an episode in a dangerous series that only aims at exacerbating discord and threatening stability in the region".

He said on twitter: "After the irresponsible words of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on the eve of Eid al-Adha, his foreign minister came out with a text full of hatred against Saudi Arabia. Zarif used an American media platform to incite the American administration and the American people against Saudi Arabia. The platforms of the "great Satan" are now considered suitable by the Iranian leadership to express satanic views".

Hariri added: "Iran is leading the widest operation to destroy the Arab societies, from Lebanon to Syria, Iraq, Yemen and every country infiltrated by the Revolutionary Guards. Iran is a direct partner in breeding terrorism and spreading it in the Islamic world, as can be seen in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria. Those responsible for displacing the Syrian people, dividing Iraq, impairing Yemen's unity and helping those accused of killing Rafic Hariri to escape, have no rights to point the finger at Saudi Arabia and its history of protecting moderation".

Source: National News Agency.