Hariri: Iran is financing discord in the Arab world!

In an "Iftar" held Saturday evening at Rashid Karame International Fair in honor of families from Denniyeh, Minie and Zghorta, former Prime Minister Saad Hariri delivered the following speech:

"Dear Friends and comrades from Denniyeh, Minie and Zghorta,

I wish you all a blessed Ramadan.

This Iftar gathers us at a time our country is witnessing an institutional crisis called the presidential vacuum, which entered its third year, and an economic crisis that has led to a decline in growth and job opportunities, whereas Lebanon needs all its political, economic and social immunity to continue the miracle of avoiding the flames of wars in a region where mad killing and destruction are amplifying.

Rather than searching, with the loyal Lebanese, for its security and the security of its people and their interests, some insist on putting Iran first, and Syria first, Iraq first, Yemen first and Bahrain first, and Lebanon ... in the end.

Kassem Soleimani and his followers in Lebanon are not satisfied with wars in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, but they also threaten Bahrain with a war that invites discord to the Arab and Muslims countries.

This model of Iran's vanity and arrogance will lead to an escalation of hostility between the Arabs and Iran.

What concerns us in Lebanon is to refrain from pouring oil on the fire of discord, stop the blind policies of interfering in the internal affairs of brotherly States and root out the hatred that targets the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

All Arab arenas infiltrated by Iran, either by money, parties, clergy or the Revolutionary Guards, received their share of division, discord and sectarian conflicts.

We in Lebanon are required to protect our country and our coexistence from this Iranian scourge, and no fatwa from the Iranian leadership should supersede our national interests.

We are not and will not be an echo for what Kassem Soleimani decides in the region, and for his calls for rebellion in Bahrain and elsewhere.

We have enough ravages from the situation in Syria, and our Shiite brothers do not need to move from one war to another and from one tragedy to another.

What we heard yesterday in the ceremony honoring Mustafa Badr al-Din and his role in the wars of Syria and Iraq and the massacres against the Arab peoples, is not our concern, because the role Badr al-Din in our opinion is only limited to the fact that he is accused of assassinating Martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri. All the heroic roles attributed to him stop here, and mean nothing in the record of history.

The rest of the speech remains about the involvement in the Syrian blood, and this involvement was imposed on the Lebanese who reject it today, tomorrow and always! Someone is bragging that he is an advanced military base ... for Iran! And that all the money, missiles and salaries come from the treasury of Iran's Revolutionary Guards! He is recognizing that it is an Iranian party par excellence and an investment for the Iranian political, religious and military project. And that the orders of Wali al-Faqih are more important to him than Lebanon's interest and the interest of all Arabs. This is a first rank accusation charge! A party declaring aloud that it executes orders from a foreign country.

As for the talk about Saudi Arabia, what is new? Accusations against an Arab state just because it refuses for Bahrain to become an Iranian base too, just as it refused that the Houthis turn Yemen into an Iranian base.

Iran finances Hezbollah in Lebanon, Al-Hashd Al-Chaabi in Iraq, the Houthis in Yemen, the opposition in Bahrain and the killing of innocent people in Syria. It finances the bombings in Kuwait, the chaos in Qatif and the sectarian groups in Sudan, Egypt and Algeria.

Basically, Iran is financing discord in the Arab world!

The national constants of the Future Movement are known, first and foremost adhering to the Arab identity of Lebanon, coexistence and national unity, the protection of the state and stability and constant search for solutions that benefit the lives of our people and our youth.

You announced your attachment to these constants in the municipal elections and this is an occasion to extend my personal thanks to each and every one of you, and congratulate the elected municipal councils in your cities and towns.

For our part, we will continue to work with your deputies and municipalities to give this region some of its rights in development.

I would like to say to the notables of Denniyeh that I didn't forget our meeting, that was postponed due to my travel, and we will meet soon hopefully.

Yesterday I talked about the future of Tripoli and all the north as a starting point for the reconstruction of Iraq and Syria when there will be a political solution in these two countries.

An important part of this project is the Denniyeh - Hermel road that is being built because it links the port of Tripoli to the Syrian and Arab land.

As for your region, the drinking water projects financed by the Italian donation are ongoing, and the opening of a public hospital succeeded.

There are now two mayors in Minie and Denniyeh to facilitate the citizen's formalities, without forgetting the Rafic Hariri Sports Complex in Denniyeh.

In Minie, the drinking water project and the other part of the Minie- Denniyeh highway project are ongoing.

We are also pursuing the efforts to secure the funding for the seaside Corniche project in Minie.

Since the environmental topic is very important for you and the Future Movement, we will conduct studies for the Deir Ammar plant 2, so the people's health would not be affected.

Deir Ammar means a lot to us, we do not forget that it is the town of the Martyr of the State, of Truth and of Justice, the Martyr of Deir Ammar, Minie and all Lebanon, Wissam Eid!

I repeat: the most important project is to bring back growth and advance the economy for the benefit of all of Lebanon. The door to this project is to restore the normal work of the state and state institutions. How? By electing a President."

Source: National News Agency