Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri responded last night to the speech delivered yesterday evening by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

He said on Twitter: "Sayyed Nasrallah expected me to respond to him at the end of his speech, but he replied to himself and his words literally apply to what Iran is doing in Syria and the region."

He added: "Shouting will not cover Iran and Hezbollah's role in destroying Syrian cities and shedding the blood of more than a quarter of a million Syrians, and the cries of Aleppo's children will continue to haunt the killers."

He said: It would be better for those lamenting Yemen and its people to stop participating in the partitioning of Yemen and inflaming the civil war among its people.

Hariri continued: "Before they ask what Saudi Arabia is doing in Yemen, let them ask themselves what they are doing in Yemen and how they are giving Iran the legitimacy to train and arm the militias. Let them stop spilling the blood of the Yemenis, Syrians and Iraqis and let them refrain from the policies of ruining Islamic unity."

He wondered: "Where are their tears regarding the crimes they are committing in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other countries? Where are their tears while their hands are stained with blood in Aleppo and all over Syria? Where are their tears regarding millions of Syrians, Iraqis and Yemenis displaced all over the world as a result of Iran's decision to destroy Arab societies?

Hariri said: "Iran is the spearhead of the destruction of Syria, Iraq and Yemen and it is responsible of leaking sectarian poison to our societies and threatening their unity and the lives of their sons."

He concluded: "This tensed political rhetoric has only one aim, to ignite hatred among Muslims and inflame the Arab wars. What we heard and have been hearing for years is an episode in a series that aims at harming Lebanon and its relations with its brothers but it will never be a means to drag Lebanon to what Iran and its tools want."

Source: National News Agency.

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