SANAA, The Higher Committee for Elections and Referendum (HCER) on Monday announced the results of the elections to fill vacant parliamentary seats held last Saturday in 24 constituencies.

In a press conference held today by the Chairman of the Higher Committee for Elections and Referendum, Judge Mohammed al-Salimi, Judge al-Salami said that the number of constituencies in which the elections took place was 24 constituencies in the capital Sanaa and nine provinces.

He pointed out that the number of candidates for the elections in these constituencies reached 81 candidates, including 21 candidates representing political parties and 60 independent candidates.

The number of those who cast their votes was 416957 voters and the number of invalid votes was 7263 votes.

Al-Salmi pointed out that the participation rate in the elections amounted to 51 percent of the total number of registered voters in the tables estimated to 831957 voters.

The Chairman of the Higher Committee for Elections said that the Committee had received a memorandum of the Parliament on the absence of the number of (34) seats of the parliament and these constituencies are distributed in 15 provinces and all those seats were vacant due to death for those members, and the Parliament asked the Committee to complete the procedures.

In response to the memorandum, the Committee approved the formation of the election committees composed of the Ministry of Education staff, according to the legal conditions and standards required. The number of supervisory committees reached 15 committees and the original 34 committees at the level of electoral districts, including 722 electoral centers and subcommittees.

He pointed out that the Committee has adopted a timetable that defines all activities and legal procedures for the implementation of the elections.

Al-Salami said that after the announcement of the supervisory and original committees, some committees could not be reached from a number of provinces, including a constituency in Aden province, two constituencies in Abyan province, five constituencies in Hadramout, in addition to the inability to achieve the election procedures in the constituency (275) in Jawf province for security reasons.

He stressed that the committee was keen to invite all local, Arab and international civil society organizations interested in the electoral process to participate in the monitoring and review of all the procedures of the electoral process, where the number of participating organizations reached 45 organizations and the number of participants from those organizations was estimated to 1243 observers.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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