Health Minister holds aggression coalition responsible for spread of epidemics in Yemen

SANAA, Minister of Public Health and Population in the National Salvation Government Dr. Taha al-Mutawakkil held Saudi-led aggression coalition countries fully responsible for the spread of epidemics in Yemen.
“With the mercenary government (Hadi’s government) announcing that there are many cases of Corona infection in the occupied areas, we must be vigilant and ready, and a state of awareness should prevail in society,” Dr. al- Mutawakkil said, in a joint press statement with Minister of Information Daifallah al-Shami.
Dr. al-Mutawakki called on citizens to avoid crowded places and take preventive and precautionary measures in accordance with the teachings of our true religion.
For his part, the Information Minister affirmed that confronting these epidemics must be from the perspective that “we are facing an enemy made by America.”
Al-Shami called on the various media outlets to fulfill their duty to raise awareness of the correct method and way to deal with the empidemic, away from the wrong western style that used to intimidate and create terror among citizens.
On Saturday, Hadi’s government announced the registration of three new cases of “COVID-19” virus in Aden and Taiz provinces.

Source: Yemen News Agency