Hodeida electricity has incurred $19 million in losses due to 6 years of aggression

HODEIDA, Mar. 27 (Saba) – A senior official in the electricity corporation stated on Saturday that the total losses of the electricity sector in Hodeida province as a result of direct targeting by the Saudi-led aggression coalition amounted to $18.9 million.

Commercial director in the corporation Majed Abdulwakeel said, in a press conference, that the province electricity branch had worked to restore electricity service to more than 35,000 subscribers in the province center and the rest of the districts, while efforts are still being made to deliver the service to the rest of the districts.

The losses in the transformation substations sector amounted to 2,767,000 dollars, while the losses of the generation plants amounted to 5,250,000 dollars, he elaborated.

He stated that the losses due to the targeting of the stores and the electricity branch building in Hodeida amounted to 4,821,000 dollars, while the losses of the distribution sector reached about one million dollars.

Source: Yemen News Agency