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UNITED NATIONS, The Yemeni government and Houthi rebels have largely honoured their commitments to the Hodeidah cease-fire, said Martin Griffiths, the United Nations special envoy to Yemen.

"I am pleased to report that both sides have largely adhered to the cease-fire in Hodeidah governorate, that entered into force on Dec 18, and there has been a significant decrease in hostilities since then," Griffiths said.

There has been some violence, including in Hodeidah city, and in the southern districts of the governorate. However, the violence is very limited compared with the scale before the Stockholm Agreement, he said.

"This relative calm, I believe, indicates the tangible benefit of the Stockholm Agreement for the Yemeni people and the continued commitment of the parties to making the agreement work," said Griffiths.

Thanks to the swift authorisation of the Stockholm Agreement by the Security Council through Resolution 2451, the United Nations has deployed an advance monitoring team to Hodeidah, under the leadership of Patrick Cammaert of the Netherlands, he said.

Gen. Cammaert has already chaired several meetings of the Redeployment Coordination Committee, with participation from representatives of both parties, to oversee the implementation of the cease-fire agreement.

He is working with the parties on the details of the re-deployments of forces, provision of security in the city and the opening of humanitarian access routes, agreed in Stockholm, said Griffiths.

"The activation of the Redeployment Coordination Committee is very welcome, and I urge both parties to continue to engage regularly and in good faith with Gen. Cammaert and his team, so that the security arrangements and improvements in humanitarian access can be implemented swiftly," he said.

Griffiths was briefing the Security Council on the implementation of the commitments made by the parties in Stockholm in Dec, 2018, which were collectively known as the Stockholm Agreement.

The parties had agreed on a second round of talks for Jan, 2019.


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