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HODIEDAH, Director of the Office of Public Health and Population in Hodeidah province, Dr. Abdul Rahman Jarallah Thursday inspected the workflow in the rural hospital of Al-Doha.

Dr. Jarallah, along with Director of epidemiological surveillance in the province, Dr. Mohammed al-Faqih inspected the performance of the hospital and the level of services provided to patients.

They also reviewed the progress of the hospital's diarrhea treatment center, which was established to deal with acute and severe cholera and diarrhea.

Jarallah urged to to provide all possible health care to the patients.

He heard from the director of the health office at the district, Abdo Jamal,

and from the director of the hospital to explanation on the services provided to citizens and the difficulties facing the functioning of the hospital.

Dr. Jarallah stressed the importance of redoubling efforts, addressing the difficulties facing the hospital and providing the required number of the medical staff and medical devices in order to improve the medical services provided to patients.

He urged the staff of the hospital administration and the treatment center for diarrhea to repair the imbalances in order to overcome the difficulties.

Jarrallah also discussed at the hospital's building with the coordinator of the Swiss Doctors Without Borders the services provided by the organization through its current interventions in the hospital, and the difficulties faced.

Dr. Jarallah praised the organization's efforts to support the health sector, expressing the hope that such interventions will include all the required specialties and that their role will not be limited to other specialties.

Meanwhile, Jarallah, Director General of Zaidiyah district Abdul Rahman al-Mansoub and the Director of Epidemiological Surveillance inspected the level of services at the Zaidiyah Rural Hospital and the treatment center for diarrhea in the hospital.

They heard from the director of the hospital to explanation on the progress of work, services provided by the hospital to patients with diarrhea, under the conditions experienced by the province as a result of US-saudi coalition's aggression and siege.

Jarallah praised the level of performance of the medical staff at the hospital and the diarrhea center.

Furthermore, Dr. Jarallah and the Director General of the district visited Al-Arsh Hospital in the area of Al-Hashabra, district of Zaidiyah.

During the visit, a meeting, attended by Jarrallah, the director general of district health officials, Manager of branch of National Coordinating Committee for Humanitarian Affairs in the district, Mohammed Sailan, member of the local council Mohammed, Omar Khamjan, and a number of dignitaries in the area, reviewed the hospital's required needs to play a role in providing health services for the citizens in the area.

The meeting stressed the importance of rehabilitating the hospital building and its facilities so as to provide health, medical and treatment services.

The local authority and the local dignitaries expressed their readiness to begin the maintenance and rehabilitation of the hospital building as a community participation for the benefit of the people in the area.

The meeting approved the start of rehabilitation work with the participation of the local community benefiting from the services of the hospital while the health office in the province will coordinate with the organizations working in the health sector to support and rehabilitate the hospital technically, through the provision of equipment, devices and treatments, in addition to the adoption of financial incentives for the medical staff and employees in the hospital.

The meeting assigned the director of follow-up direction, at province health office, to follow up the restoration and rehabilitation of the building and report on what was accomplished within a period of ten days.

The director of the health office in the province praised the cooperation of the people of the region and their willingness to contribute to the rehabilitation of the hospital, which will provide services to citizens in this area and neighboring villages.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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