SANAA, The House of Representatives on Monday continue to hold its sessions for the first period for first half-year of the 14th annual session under the chairmanship of spokesman Yehia Al-Ra'i.

In this meeting, which was attended by the Minister of State for Parliamentary and Shura Council Affairs, Dr. Ali Abdullah Abu Hleika, the House approved the report of the Higher Education, Youth and Sports Committee on the fact-finding of preventing the students of the University of 21 September from practical application in hospital 48.

It also approved a number of recommendations to the government side after the commitment of the Minister of Higher Education and Practical Research Hussein Hazeb.

The Recommendations included the undermentioned points:

1. The Government shall compel the concerned authorities to implement the Government's Decision No. (51) of 2018 approving the recommendations of the Special Committee concerning the University of 21 September.

2. Compel the government to determine the relationship between the university and hospital 48 in accordance with the decision to establish the university so as to ensure the benefit of students from the hospital and enable them to practical application.

3. The University's commitment to the absorptive capacity and the university's admission rates, as well as the commitment of the decisions of the Supreme Council of Higher Education.

4. To oblige the university and concerned parties to address the imbalances existing in the university in general, especially that the establishment of the university is accompanied by many imbalances as a result of the rush to start the study before completing the necessary infrastructure for the university, within a period of one year from the date of this report.

5. The University must abide by the approved plan of the Supreme Council of Universities regarding the admission process of students in accordance with the international standards in force.

6. The Committee affirms its previous recommendation that university heads assume responsibility for maintaining security and order on the campus in accordance with the law.

The members of the House stressed the need to pay attention to the subject of basic, secondary and higher education and scientific research and to give this aspect special importance by the government to serve the development issues in all fields.

The people's deputies discussed the situation of the students of the University of Hodeidah and the importance of addressing their educational situation.

On the other hand, the people's deputies condemned the attacks and tampering acts in the lands of Maharah and Socotra provinces by the countries of the aggression coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

They affirmed that these acts are considered a flagrant violation of Yemeni sovereignty.

The people's deputies stressed the need to call on the U.N. bodies, organizations, various institutions, the International Parliament, the Islamic Parliament and the relevant parties to pressure the aggressor States to stop these acts.

In this context, they stressed the need to stop the aggression and lift the land, sea and air blockade.

The House had started its session by reviewing its previous minutes and approved it, and will continue its work on Tuesday morning, God willing.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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