SANAA, The House of Representatives in its meeting held Tuesday under the chairmanship of its Speaker, Yahya al-Rai, saluted all the workers in various work and production facilities in our country on the occasion of May 1st World Workers' Day.

It commended the good efforts of the workers in order to increase production and improve the work in various forms despite the US-saudi coalition aggression.

The House stressed further efforts to improve the level of work, production and quality of services.

It called on all workers of Yemen to more cohesion and steadfastness to strengthen the unity of the national ranks alongside the heroes of the armed forces and security and the People's forces in order to continue to address the aggression and conspiracies and access to victory. God Willing.

On the other hand, the House of Representatives approved the draft amendment of some articles of Law No. 17 of the year 2010 on income taxes in light of the report of the joint committee formed by the committees of constitutional affairs and manpower.

It listened to the letter of the Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor and the Minister of Finance Dr. Rashid Abu Louhom, on the government's request to withdraw a draft law over approval to stimulate the cash supply of tax benefits, in view of the absence of the purpose of introducing the bill and changing the direction of the request of the government.

The letter thanked the House for its continued cooperation with the Government of National Salvation for the benefit of the country.

In light of this, the House approved the request of the Government with emphasis on the implementation of the law in force.<

At the same parliamentary level, the House listened to the letter of the Minister of State for Parliamentary and Shura Council Affairs, Chairman of the Committee on Political Parties and Organizations Dr. Ali Abdullah Abu Hleika, which is addressed to the Speaker and members of the House on the apology of the Minister of Water and Environment to attend the meeting of the House for today to respond to the question of House member Ali Mohammed Znam, and to attend another session.

The House had started its session by reviewing the minutes of its previous meeting and approved it.

The House will hold a special session on Wednesday to consider the issues on its agenda.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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